Finding the temple of Rebirth

The groups continued questioning of Lionel Hardacre eventually results in him telling the group to check over her room if they believe they may find something useful in there. Urko and Hobbes are in like a shot.

Very quickly after searching the wardrobe, chest and drawers, the check a desk within which they find a notepad, using the age old technique of scribbling over the pad they discover a name written in the text, Orcus, though it’s uncertain what that means there’s a vague recollection of a demon by that name.

Concluding the temple is their best lead the party try to convince Lionel to tell them where it is, but he’s unhelpful explaining he doesn’t know. The group are invited to take a nights rest in the relative comfort of the Manor House, which passes without major event, despite the obvious undead in the town.

Realising the townspeople might know more about the apparent temple they opt to go back to the tavern, making their way around the small town without ending up in a fight with the dead, they find the tavern door unlocked.

Making their way into the bar they’re relieved to discover the residents are unharmed, though it’s quickly realised Clive’s has once again failed to lock the door which sees him catch more flak from the bar patrons.

Urko and Hobbes ask whether anyone in the tavern known anything about a local ruined temple, and eventually an elderly patron points to Clive, saying “you used to play in some ruins as a kid didn’t you?”

Clive reveals, he does indeed remember an old ruin, and describes how to reach it, though he refuses to leave the tavern itself to assist them.

Accordingly the group decide they have no other option but to follow the route the villager has given them, as they leave the village they find the fog barely thins at all, suggesting it covers a much wider area.

It doesn’t take them long before they find the first fork in the road and after a few miles they find the area the village had told them to divert from the paths. As they do so they hear the swoop of wings overhead, but see nothing because of the fog.

However within moments they spot creatures within the mist, and suddenly to bolts of fire burst from the mist just missing Balthazar. Who rushes forward and they find themselves engaged with three skeletons and a strange wraith like enemy.

Thankfully despite the problems of range the group manage to work together admirably, dealing with three armoured skeletons in quick fashion as Missy uses a Turn Undead to send two of them fleeing from the group.

The third dukes it out with Urko, and Balthazar but doesn’t last long, whilst the floating wraith like enemy blasts some grave bolts at them ineffectively. Until the group finally destroy it.

Plunged into silence again they continue on their way, eventually finding an area that looks much like a graveyard, as they approach hobbes spots numerous shambling creatures and something else in the fog near some kind of building.

Thinking quickly Missy takes the grave gem she has been holding and throws it away from them all, within an instant the creatures seem to gravitate towards it, leaving the graveyard itself free.

They approach the building discovering it is a mostly collapsed entrance to a possible temple, though the size of the place is much greater than they had imagined. However, moments later, they find themselves being engaged by a large creature that hovers above them in the fog, it begins attacking with bolts of flame.

As the group orient themselves to try to strike at the barely visible creature it they are surprised by another smaller creature attacking on the ground.

Missy, Balthazar and Urko concentrate on the ground based threat, which keeps them occupied, whilst Hobbes competes with the flying creature, struggling to land any successful attacks.

Quickly enough the three companions manages to cut down the sneaking humanoid, finding the freedom to assist Hobbes they begin to unload on the flying creature until it concludes its best option is to flee.

The creature quickly disappears above the ruined temple and drops down out of sight of the group. As they look around and assess their health, they realise they’ve used a lot of their strength for the day and begin to wonder how they should proceed.

Source: Dressing the Lines

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