Dwarf Sorcerer 5th level

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Rufus is currently carrying the following magic items:

Bracelet of Second Chance (Req. attunement)

Whilst attuned to this item you feel lucky. Once per day you can reroll an Attack, saving throw or ability check. Take the higher of the two results.

Safdyizyr (Req. attunement)

The staff appears to be crafted from bone, atop the staff is a mounted stone which appears to shift between translucent white and a dark violet colour.

The staff offers the attuned user a +1 bonus to their spell attack and damage rolls.

When a humanoid creature is killed within 30ft of the wielded of this staff the soul is captured by the staffs soulcage. A creature whose soul is caged cannot be returned to life by any means until their soul is released.

Animate Dead:

The staff allows the user to cast the spell Animate Dead as an action.
The caster may choose to animate a small or medium humanoid creature for the cost of two souls.
or a large creature for the cost of five souls. A large undead has 2x the HP of the small/medium creature.

The wielder of this staff can control as many undead as their Intelligence modifier, or a minimum of one.

If the undead creature is dismissed or destroyed the souls are released and are not be returned to the staff.