Dwarf Rogue 5th level

Officially named Gardain Dankil of the clan Dankil. Though only his Mother called him that. Everyone else, even his despairing Father, just called him Urko.

Clan Dankil are a very minor extended family of Hill Dwarfs who hold a mine and stockaded village in the foothills of the Nether Mountains, Southeast of Sunderbar.

The family works hard to scrape a living from their near depleted copper mine and despise anyone who is not willing to put in an honest days labour.

Into this Gardain was born. An unfortunate child he was always unpleasant to look upon and shunned by his peers.

The first time he was called Urko was when a group of travelling elvish traders passed though and one of them pointed Gardain out to his comrade and said “Su nha ál-urko”, which can be translated to “He is a dreadful shape” (Urko being a derivative of the Elvish word for Orc). This comment was over-heard and, although not understood, the nickname Urko stuck ever since.

Urko grew from a sullen child, to a bitter adult. He hated the family trade and instead found a living working as the tavern keeper and brewer. He was a dishonest businessman, ruthlessly conning his patrons from any bit of coin they might have. A task he found easier the drunker these unwary customers became. The Dankil clan-members soon learned to avoid Urko’s tavern and he began to cater to the passing trade of travellers and traders, with whom he would drink on a daily basis. It was not long until Urko could not be without a drink, even one to start his day.

This could not last and Urko was bound to fall. It happened when he was entertaining a Half-Orc named Hurenur, the leader of a gang of mercenaries. Hurenur had heard of the totem of the Clan Dankil, a war-hammer which had been imbued with magical properties by the clan founder; who had fought for and won the right to mine these hills. He had also heard of the disreputable inn-keeper and had formed a plan. Now Urko could not resist a game of chance, and Hureneur was an accomplished cheat. So during a game of Three Dragon Ante Hurenur bet Urko that he could not steal the clan war-hammer. Urko, at this point deep in his cups, accepted and promptly lost.

The following night Hurenur came to Urko and insisted he make good on his bet. Now Urko was an accomplished thief, never falling to stoop to some petty pick-pocketing or larceny, but to sneak into the clan Great Hall and take the Dankil Hammer from under the noses of the guards was a task far beyond him. He was caught and dragged before the clan leader, his own Father, for judgement. His Father could not put his own son to death; so instead took from him the thing which, in truth, had already been taken some years before. His name.

Urko was banished from the clan, sent out into the realm with nothing other than what he could carry with him. He left the stockade but tarried on the road beyond. However all members of Clan Dankil would kick out and abuse him whenever they came across his skulking form. So he soon travelled further afield looking for acceptance and hopefully revenge, or maybe repentance, whatever this adventuring life may bring.