Half-elf Ranger 5th level

Source (John J Parks)

Hobbes is a 96 year old Half-Elf bounty hunter. Recently arrived in Saltmarsh following a bounty which he has claimed the reward for.

He’s seen more wealthy days and is currently just doing his best to pay the bills and keep himself busy. Unhappy with the recent poor bounties on offer he spends much of his time lamenting and partaking in the local taverns hospitality.

Hobbes currently has the following magic items:

Merciless Bow (Req. attunement)

This bow cascades with a red magical energy when equipped.

You have a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls whilst using this weapon.

When you hit with this bow, if you roll a 1 on any of your damage dice, you may re-roll all of your damage dice. You must keep the second result.