Hans Friedrich

Human Barbarian 5th level.

Biography to be added

Hans is currently carrying the following Magic items:

Weapon of Spiritual Reprieve (Req. attunement)

Whilst drawn in anger this weapon glows with spectral light (colour of the owners choice) casting a faint light for 10ft.

This is a +1 magical weapon, whilst attuned you gain +1 to all attack and damage rolls with this weapon.

Change weapon form:
Whilst attuned to this item as an action the owner can change the form of this weapon between a Battleaxe, Greatsword or Warhammer, all versions of this weapon use 1d12 dice for damage rolls. Damage type changes to the appropriate type for the form the weapon takes (Slashing, Slashing or Bludgeoning)

Spiritual Reprieve:
Whilst attuned to this weapon if you are killed the weapon returns to its spiritual realm and you are returned to life with 1 hit point.

Weapon of Crucial Defence (Req. attunement)

This is a finely crafted Greatsword. You gain a +1 bonus to your attack and damage rolls whilst using this item. Whilst attuned and wielding this item you cannot be critically hit.

Helm of Dwarvern Might (Req. attunement)

This helm draws its power from the Mines of Dimlodir. Without a periodic pilgrimage back to its birthplace, it will weaken.

While wearing this helm, you gain a +1 bonus to saving throws.

While wearing this helm, your carrying capacity is doubled.