Delving into the temple

Not too far back, Hans and Irminric have been trying to catch up with their companions, Wellgar had found them in Saltmarsh and filled them in on the quest their companions had been following.

Slightly drunk and worse for wear they’d taken much longer to each the village of Elmsthorpe, though they had luckily discovered the tavern, who had quickly directed them on towards the temple.

They’d overheard the sounds of combat and blasts of fire, in their rush, they stumbled across a group of zombie like creatures around a green gem, diving in to deal with the undead they quickly ripped their way through the foes, until a floating wraith like creature arrived and made things more complicated.

Luckily Hobbes and Urko heard the noises of battle and went to investigate whilst Missy and Balthazar remained watching for the flying enemy.

As Urko and Hobbes closed to the sounds of battle they recognised their comrades Hans and Irminric were in combat with the Zombies Missy had sent into the mist by throwing the green gem into the scrub.

They came across another creature that sent necrotic blasts of energy at them, but pretty quickly managed to overcome their foes. However as they were doing so a couple of screams and shouts rang out with the sound of wings overhead.

When they returned to the temple entrance they discovered Missy and Balthazar were both missing, only the illusion of Missy remained locked in a pose mocking something skyward.

Hobbes tries to detect the presence of other humans within five miles and although he believes there are some present the magical fog is interfering with his senses and he struggles to determine their numbers, though he’s sure there are a number of humanoids nearby.

They enter the temple discovering it is largely ruined but there are some areas within which it is covered, they work to a crossroad in the building, and choose to head down a minor corridor looking for somewhere to rest.

Finding a small covered room with a defensible doorway they allow Hobbes to attempt to rejuvenate himself with a trance for four hours and they quickly discover the flying creature(s) aren’t resting and are continuing to search for them above.

Luckily they manage to hunker down for enough time for the ranger to recover himself. after which they return to the main area of the building. They opt against heading through the main area and take the other corridor which appears to lead downward.

They end up in a cavern network that appears to have been hewn into the rock eventually leading into some natural caves. These have numerous paths all leading in the same direction. Using their small necromatic gem they throw it into a large space and observe.

This time a couple of skeletons appear and pick the gem up, they then take the object back into the darkness and disappear from view.

Intrigued the group follow, eventually finding an area of the cavern which has been slightly worked they descend a small staircase and find a group of four skeletons stood around the gem, they also see Missy and Balthazar lying on the ground unconscious, along with a dwarf and a large winged creature.

After a brief discussion they opt to send Urko forward as a ‘mouth’ to negotiate with them, however it almost immediately falls apart when the dwarf is asked to walk fully into view.

The big winged creature somehow manages to charm the dwarf and gets him to explain why they are there, followed by encouraging him to take a seat whilst they restrain him for his own safety.

Then a fight ensues as the skeletons, a wight, the dwarf and the winged beast all move up to confront the newcomers.

The priest manages to sneak past everyone and find a hiding spot whilst Irminric and Hans are fighting hand to hand.

Hobbes hangs back shooting his arrows at their foes, which draws them forward whilst Irminric and Hans slow the assault as best they can. The trio working effectively to thin the skeletons down.

The dwarf priest catches everyone by surprise when he throws a ball of flame towards Hobbes and scorched everything in his path. Almost knocking the ranger unconscious.

The Cambion and Wight continue attacking Irminric until the paladin is felled. Urko, still charmed, manages to free himself from his bonds and takes a moment to gather his thoughts, concerned for the unconscious bodies in the corner of the chamber.

Hobbes revives Irminric, hoping the Paladin will decimate the demon next to him, unfortunately those hopes are shortlived as the priest peeps around the corner of the cavern and flames spring from his hands engulfing Hans, and the paladin causing the holy avenger to collapse unconscious again….


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