Returning to Saltmarsh

The group awake early the next morning to find the day bright and warm. Realising it would be prudent to assess whether news of the previous few days incidents had reached the guards yet Missy set out to check her companions were not “wanted” for their exploits.

She found the guard building with a noticeboard outside and was relieved to discover no mention of their names or the boats they had been travelling on. She did however, find a notice referring to a group of bandits known as the Calfrey’s and a reward for their capture. Apparently they had been causing trouble on the trading route between Harrowdale and Hillsfar. Which was now much busier since the fall of the previous first lord. Noting this Missy determined to make use of this information.

Urko took some time to revisit the local Mage, and after some negotiation agreed to sell his amended scroll of disguise self, for a considerable sum. Otherwise the group were keen to return to Saltmarsh so they spent some time discussing with their prisoner Captain Webb, whether he would agree to travel with them without causing any incident.

Somewhat intimidated by the group the Captain agreed, providing they were returning him to Saltmarsh he would not cause any problems for them. He seemed to be pleased to be returning to the town he was bound for and agreed that if they took him there safely he would ensure they were not executed for their crimes against the crown, in view of the obvious misunderstanding.

Once an agreement was reached the party decided to seek out Han and the Falcon. Walking down to the harbour they were pleased to discover he and his crew were waiting for them. Hans was a little uncertain of the prisoner, but as the man wasn’t shackled or restrained he agreed they could board. Confirmation of the agreed fee for transport was given and the ship set off to Saltmarsh.

Travel for the first day was uneventful, they passed the Reach without any difficulty seeing no sign of the ship they had relieved from Captain Webb, which they took as a good sign, a nother couple of days passed without event before the group approached the group to discuss a change of landing venue, asking that instead of sailing directly in to Saltmarsh they could instead find a cove to the east of the town. Seeing no issue with this and for the benefit of a quicker return home the fisherman agreed.

By the next morning they had reached the coastline and sailing west towards Saltmarsh they managed to find a beach cove with cliffs that was secluded enough for their needs, but had access to the land above. Taking everyone over to the shore Han thanked the group for their money and custom. As the group made their way up the cliffs the Falcon turned and sailed south back to Harrowdale.

Although the area of the coastline wasn’t familiar to the group, Hobbes took a moment to centre himself and with some sound reasoning was able to determine they were about a days travel from Saltmarsh if they took a quick pace. Everyone agreed they’d rather make it back to the town in one day if possible and to that end they set off heading east along the clifftop path.

Although it took the largest part of the day, they arrived at the towns edge after dark. Passing an area they recognised as the Leap”, and area of the town where bereaved family members often went if they sought to be reunited with their lost family members, the group stopped to consider what they would do with Captain Webb. Reluctant to take him into the town for fear he would be recognised.

They determine the best way forward was to camp in the woodland and rest for the night. Irminric and Hans took the time to put the captain back into restraints and gagged him to keep the man quiet. Urko and Hobbes discussed the best plan and after some time agreed their best option was to seek a conversation with their Patron Eva Oweland. the group agreed so they both set about their way into the town to find her residence.

As the pair passed the city limits they spotted the very large shape of the brigantine ship they had taken Captain Webb from, which caused some concern. A pair of town guards, carrying a bottle of something, possible alcohol, passed them on the path, waving a greeting. Opting to say due the pair continued on their way.

As they reached the Oweland residence for the first time they say just how sprawing a property it is. Deciding that it was better to keep their visit quite the paid decided to sneak around to see whether they could locate Eva, eventually finding a spot they could peer in without difficulty.

However, when they chose to look in a window and observe they were greeted by a very unexpected sight of the council member involved in a moment of passion, with an unidentified individual. The sneaky due opted to knock on the main door to the property only to be greeted by a slightly flushed Eva.

Checking for observers Eva let the pair in, welcoming them into a quiet drawing room, with views of the sea. They explained the task to recover Aubreck’s chest had been completed, but they had unexpectedly been assaulted by a Crown ship with dire consequences.

They were worried the ship in the dock was the same one they had encountered. Eva gave them information about the situation explaining the dwarves had removed the problem and secured the ship, No one in Saltmarsh was any wiser about the situation.

When they revealed they were holding on to Webb, Eva was concerned this would be very problematic and requested the group dealt with this problem which would ensure there were no loose ends.

She also explained she had now managed to secure the deeds to transfer ownership of the Soul of Winter, to them. Although the goods had been transferred to the Lizardfolk as had been promised. Advising them to seek her tomorrow morning at the Mariners Guildhall, she’d have Aubreck and the Ship deeds for them.

The pair took this news back to their companions, only to discover as they neared the leap, that the two guards had found themselves a bench and were busy drinking and chatting overlooking the sea.

The pair moved into the woods in an effort to find their friends, discovering everyone making the most of their evening. Relaying on the information Eva’s gave them, Hans agreed to knock the man out. Only things didn’t go quite to plan.

Knocking the man out wasn’t an instant success, the Barbarian hit him whilst he was ungagged and Webb screamed out in pain, which immediately caught the attention of the two drinking guards who were waiting at the Leap. They moved inland with their weapons drawn to investigate and this caused a panic once our allies spotted them.

Webb was re-gagged and restrained whilst Hans feigned having hurt his knee, claiming the pain was like having stepped on a lego, or possibly a caltrop, the guards seemed to buy the story and offered him assistance, taking him to the local priest Welgar who was only a quarter mile away.

Hans hobbled with the two guards all the way to the priests temple, where the two guards left him with the priest. A brief medical assessment established Hans was obviously faking an injury, so Hans explained he was attempting to avoid a bigger problem with the guards and so they’d taken pity on him. As a result he had been able to escape. Understanding of his plight the priest sent him on his way.

Hans returned to his companions, and then went back to work on Webb, eventually ending the mans life in a somewhat gory manner, which his companions were forced to clean up. They removed all of the Captains equipment and then had a long discussion about what they could do to make him unidentifiable. The final conclusion was to damage his face and remove any identifying marks. Realising a cemetery was nearby the temple. They went ahead with a plan to bury the body in a recently dug grave.

They went ahead carrying the remains to the cemetery behind Welgar’s temple, finding a recently interred grave they opened the burial site up and placed the body in a shallow grave, burying it quickly before running off to spend the night outside of the town.

They then travelled in to Saltmarsh to the Snapping Line, finding Hanna the barkeep who was pleased to see them again. She explained that Rio their Monk friend had disappeared a week ago and not been seen since. He also left a backpack behind. She also advises them their Paladin friend hasn’t been seen for longer still. Settling down for a nights rest the remainder of the evening passed without event.

First thing the next morning Irminric went to The Dwarvern Anvil to speak with Mafera about his commissioned Plate Armour, finding it ready at last. He was able to convince Hans to lend him the money to purchase it. Leaving with his newly shiny armour the group are left pondering how to pass the time before they meet with Eva and Aubreck.

Source: Tome & Tomb

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