Finding a Falcon

The situation for our allies looks dire as the enemy captain forces the surrender of Hans, Irminric and Hobbes whilst Hjolmund floats on the deck of the sinking ship with his dwarvern comrades. In the fury of the fight however, no-one had spotted Missy breaking free of her restraints and casting a healing spell on the unconscious dwarf. Freeing herself and Urko, the pair then attack the enemy ships crew. 

Seeing an opportunity Hans, Irminric and Hobbes take up their arms again and continue their efforts. In short order the War Cleric uses his abilities to curse their enemies and hinder their abilities whilst the Barbarian, Paladin and Ranger do their best to cave through the pirate crew. Urko manages to sneak aboard to assist with some well placed vicious strikes and Missy uses her magic to confuse and damage the pirates. 

Within moments a failure becomes a success and the remaining aggressors are knocked unconscious or killed. Leaving the group with a quandary. They quickly block the exits on to the deck to hold control of the ship for now. But they have no choice but to move the crew from the Soul of Winter, which is already quickly sinking beneath the waves across. 

Doing this, they remove it’s lifeboat and transfer the crew but this leaves them with the immediate worry they don’t have sufficient numbers to hold their new ship, Captain Wolgar and Hjolmund agree they have no intention of abandoning this new ship but the party are split on their decision as they would really prefer to scuttle it and head to the coast for safety. 

The disagreement continues until Missy suggests they leave Wolgar and Hjolmund with the dwarves to decide what to do with the Brigantine, and simply head to the coast themselves in one of the lifeboats. Pointing out it’s only a couple of miles to the shore. 

They speak briefly with the Pirate captain, revealed to be Alfred Webb, otherwise known as The Shadow, who they had knocked unconscious. In an effort to discover more about why the ship attacked, the man remains tight lipped. Telling them only that the ship is charged by the crown to deal with enemies at sea and there is a belief that the councilwoman from Saltmarsh has been using her ships to smuggle and undermine the crown. 

There is mention of “Eliander” in the town as being a crown servant, which seems to settle the groups belief about matters, this development encourages them to abandon the ship to the dwarves and they’ll allow Eva Oweland’s men to decide how best to deal with the problem. Wolgar explains their location in The Dragon Reach, and the party decide their best bet is to take the lifeboat and row to Harrowdale, a fishing town to the south of the Cormanthyr forests. 

Departing the group set sail. Though they decide to take the now, unconscious again Captain Webb with them, as they row they find themselves wondering what happened in Saltmarsh since they left if the crown is actively attacking Eva. Over the course of a few hours they manage to make their way to the fishing town they were looking for, Harrowdale. 

Upon arrival they make their way to a local Tavern to rent a room, finding it to be reasonably priced, though they only have a single room available for everyone. The Town turns out to have some minor conveniences and Urko is delighted to find a Mage nearby who is able to identify some of his items, though frustratingly the dwarf doesn’t learn what is causing him side effects for holding the immoveable rod. 

He also manages to arrange for the Mage to recharge his Disguise Self scroll, though the mage begins to get very excited about it when he discovers the spell has been amended to allow someone to remain disguised for eight hours. He offers to take it off the Dwarfs hands for five hundred gold pieces. Urko agrees to consider, but he simply wants it recharging for now. This is agreed for two hundred gold. Along with some other recharging for the parties other spare scrolls. Discovering they’re all of this type the mages excitement grows. 

The party make their way to the harbour looking for any fishing boats, but they find all are out at sea currently. The Harbourmaster, Lando, however, tells them he’ll source a ship for them, their fastest boat being the Falcon. He agrees to send it’s captain to the tavern to meet with them once he returns. 

The Paladin discovers a rumour the captain of the Falcon’s father is very sick and he decides to go help, as a means of encouraging the man to help them get home. When he arrives he’s met with a concerned woman who eventually allows him the opportunity to look at the sick man. 

Discerning the disease appeared to be tropical in nature he uses his ability to cure disease channelling radiant energy into the elderly man he sees the pustules on the mans arms suddenly begin to appear less harsh, but the cure isn’t immediate. He tells the woman to watch the man for a few days, and confirms he hopes he will be back on his feet within a week. 

They finally return to the tavern to get some rest only to be met by Han, the owner of the Falcon, unaware of his fathers experience with the Paladin at this point, he agrees to take the group to Saltmarsh, though demands a price which will make up for the loss of catch for the week it will take to get them to the town. They agree a price they consider to be fair. However, he notices they have a prisoner and refuses to participate in his rendition advising them to hand the man over to the guard. 

The party seem uncertain but agree to his request confirming they won’t abuse his request. Though after he leaves they do go on to discuss how they can circumvent this restriction with spell based methods evasion being discussed. After this they go to get some rest.

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