The Journey Home

Rushing away from the now Stricken Emperor of the Waves, the group discuss with Captain Wolgar how best to return to Saltmarsh.

He cautions them suggesting the northern coastal route is quicker but likely to be a greater risk of of piracy, whilst the more southerni route would be much slowern and bring its own risks, like the Sahuagin they had already faced once.

It was a quick decision, everyone wanted to rush back to Saltmarsh in the quickest possible time so they went as far north as they could, finding themselves in a common shipping lane.

Just incase of problems the captain decided to give each of the group and his great water breathing potions, fearing another incident. However over the course of a few days they made good progress.

On the morning of the fourth day the began to catch a similar sloop to their own, though they weren’t travelling much faster it took two days to draw close and overhaul it.

They quickly realised the ship appeared to be one of Eva Oweland’s vessel’s but the crew all appeared to be some kind of unfamiliar fish people. the group ignored the captains insistence something strange had happened and chose to continue on. Until eventually they began to put distance between the vessels.

Within a few days the ship passed into the distance behind only to be replaced by the sight of a larger brigantine which appeared to be ghosting them. Always somewhere on the horizon.

In a night of poor weather they lost sight of that ship, only to discover it had closed to just outside cannon range in the night. Hans relocated one of the Cannon to the rear of the ship, but almost as soon as the ships closed into range they discovered their opponents had done similar.

A couple of volleys were fired and the sloops mast is destroyed taking its mainsail out of action. Leaving the enemy ship free to manoeuvre and broadside the Soul of Winter.

The crew realise they don’t have much of a chance against a faster ship with more men and cannons, unperturbed by this the group plot how best to take advantage and turn the situation around, eventually opting to hide and lure their opponents on to the ship.

The enemy ship eventually draws in close and a boarding party charges the Soul of Winter, leading to a battle atop the ship. The group hiding in the captains cabin at the rear of the deck.

It takes no time at all for Wolgar and his men to surrender and begin being. rounded up, very soon the attackers discover our allies hidden at the rear of the ship.

They try their best keep their presence quiet by pulling enemies into the captains cabin, within which they make a few attacks and then leave the bodies to the side.

This may have worked for longer had the dwarf cleric not charged forth along to dive into his enemies, to the defence of his fellow dwarves. Suddenly everything turned into a beastly scrap for survival.

Hans and Irminric did their best to hold back the tide and seemed to be successfully doing so, whilst the elf slowly snuck around the outside of the ship and climbed aboard the enemy vessel.

Finding a point of safety he began to sow death upon his opponents, until the enemy captain ordered his crew to fire upon the stricken soul of winter. As the Cannon fire at point blank their ship is shaken with the sound of water flooding aboard.

Hjolmund receives a blow that knocks him unconcious, whilst Irminric and Hans do their best to fight their enemies back, eventually forcing the pirates to abandon the ship and return to their own.

The group continue their attack on to the enemy vessel, considering it their only option now the Soul is sinking, just so they understand there’s no saving that ship the Captain again demands his men fire on the “Soul”

Within moments of their arrival however some of the captains reinforcements arrive as three archers emerge from the cabin at the rear and unload on Hobbes and Hans, causing immediate concern.

As the group do their best to take matters further, the Captain offers them a single opportunity to stand down, which comes close to being ignored, before the Barbarian finally accepts his own vulnerability, Irminric and Hobbes also, reluctantly agree to lower their arms temporarily.

We are forced to leave the two crews there, one vessel stricken and sinking with 30 restrained dwarves, an unconscious Hjolmund and no sign of Missy or Urko. Whilst the new captain and their crew celebrate.

Source: Pinterest

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