Meeting the Lizardfolk

Source: WoTC Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Following the evenings events Urko, Hans and Irminric return to the tavern in Deepwell where they rejoin their friends Missy and Hobbes.

Urko explains to all who can hear about the state Mayor Freyer got himself in to, falling asleep at an early hour and how drunk he had gotten himself.

The tavern keeper agrees this isn’t unusual and welcomes them to stay the night for a small fee. Deciding they would leave early at dawn the allies decide to get an early nights rest and leave before the majority of the village awake.

The evening passes without any further incident, though Urko and Missy set to work looking through the items he liberated. They discover an unusual pearlescent potion that seems to flicker between pink and blue colours which Missy decides it is an unusual potion that alters the physical gender of the drinker.

The second item appears to be a solid glass cylinder with a domed top, putting two and two together to make five they decided this is obviously an object of self gratification for the obviously experimenting Mayor. Opting to leave the actual identification for this item until another time they decide to leave it there.

They each occupy their now improved accommodation and manage to get a solid evenings rest, arising very early the group grab some food and immediately leave the village.

quickly opting to follow the lizardfolks instruction on how best to find their settlement. Moving at a fast pace to put some distance between the town and themselves it isn’t long before the swamp surrounds them again.

Hobbes is able to direct the group to the route he was told about, but he has a strong impression they are being followed, unable to identify the culprit beyond some large footprints, they opt to continue until they eventually find a cave with a wooden door.

Opting to knock to enter the group announce themselves discovering a small group of lizardfolk guarding their caverns, they are allowed in when they explain they had been directed this way by Gratzusk.

Realising the new arrivals aren’t a threat immediately the guards agree to find their contact and one of them disappears, the group ask if there is anywhere safe to wait and are shown to a guard room, after thirty minutes the familiar figure of Gratzusk appears.

He welcomes them, not surprised by their arrival but slightly guarded. He confirms the queen has been notified of the arrangements and the towns offer to honour their deal. However, he needs a few hours to organise the meeting as the authorities need to be present. He advises Hobbes they are free to explore the area though he suggests they avoid trouble.

Leaving them to their own devices he rushes off. Immediately looking for an opportunity to explore Hans and Irminric set about looking around the caverns, they move through a few rooms, quickly managing to find an empty feasting hall, some lizardfolk commoners avoid them but continue setting the table, it doesn’t look finely adorned but there are obvious signs of authority at one end of the display.

Continuing on the group find an almost empty throne room, adorned by numerous trophies of beasts and creatures such as a Lion, Bear, Troll a Shark and a familiar looking aquatic creature., the likes of which the group had encountered a few days before. within the room are a couple of younglings who take an immediate interest in the group, especially the huge paladin in the shiny armour.

Realising there is little of interest in the room Urko and Hans suggest moving on but the two little lizardfolk immediately follow chattering between them in draconic. Hobbes doesn’t let the group know what they’re talking about.

They find a large wooden door, that opens up into a huge chamber which is full of wooden targets and dummy’s, it has a square set out in the centre of the room which appears to be for drills and there are a large number of lizardfolk training, with a well dressed heavily armoured lizardfolk overseeing the group accompanied by a couple of guardmen.

It doesn’t take long before the smell of sweat and training excites Hans who strides over to the overseer and demands an opportunity to show his prowess. Hobbes does his best to translate and she calls over a few of her trainee’s, Hans points to two of them grinning, she looks confused but motions to the pair agreeing to the challenge.

Urko does his best to jingle some coins and offer odds but his efforts are hampered by the language barrier. Hans grins wildly encouraging them pair to bring it on and within moments the barbarian takes a couple of wild strikes from the pair. he sloughs off the blood and pummels one of the men in the face.

This puts the two off ease and one tries to grapple Hans but the barbarians strength turns the tables on him, and he immediately knocks the lizardman flat on his back. The second lizardman scores a strike on Hans side. the lizardfolk begin to take an interest and start chanting in support of their friends.

Urko continues chinking his coins in the sidelines and a few of the lizardmen begin to pull together some coins and offer them up, silver and electrum are the best they have in the training area but between them they manage to muster up about 30 gold worth of electrum. Urko assumes they’re betting for their friends to win.

The two younglings continue to stand around the paladin and unnoticed by him the young girl lifts a huge number of coins from his belt pouch, gently, one at a time and the pair quietly split them between them whilst the fight continues.

Hans and the Lizardfolk pair continue their encounter in the centre of the room. The barbarian manages to incapacitate one with a move that threatens to break its back before the other creature distracts the brute with a solid strike to his neck.

However, left alone he doesn’t have the staying power to last much longer and after a couple of swift strikes Hans manages to knock it on it’s back and for a moment it looks as though he is about to choke the creature to death, but he steps back after a slight pause, stands and bows to the Overseer, who chuckles and claps her approval.

The two lizardfolk are helped to their feet by their friends and Urko happily jangles the coins he’d accrued, perhaps a little disappointed not to have made more.

At this point Irminric notices the lighter feeling of the belt on his pouch and noticing the two younglings jabbering by his side, without pause he immediately picks one up shouting in its face to return his coins.

the two children immediately do the typical ‘blame each other act’. Just as the overseer readies herself to intervene Hans begins to chuckle and tells the Paladin to stand down. He tries to reassure the overseer who appears to laugh too.

Irminric puts the child down but again demands his coin is returned. The large lizardfolk, this time speaks in common to say. ‘If you can’t protect your purse from children, you do not deserve the coin’ and in a strange wide mouthed grin tells the children to leave. As they do so, the Overseer turns to address their allies and walks away.

Irminric looks very upset and his allies do their best to remind him to remain calm and shepherd him out of the room promptly whilst he snarls annoyance.

They find themselves in a winding corridor that stops at a huge locked iron door but Urko refuses to try to open it, not wishing to set off any alarms. Turning back the group return and passing the training area find an ornate wooden door.

Intrigued they look inside finding a very well appointed guard room with two guards, deciding there may be something interesting here. Urko tries to his best to announce, with Hobbes assistance, they they are in this area with the queens authority.

The two guards appear confused and doubtful but the dwarfs charm shines through and they eventually accept their claim moving aside and allowing them further in to the room. Which they discover leads to a comfortably appointed living quarters.

Realising they have likely made their way in to the queens quarters the group have a conversation about whether to continue eventually concluded it probably isn’t wise if there eventually going to meet her, instead they opt to find somewhere else to wait up.

Opting to return to the previous room they again speak with the guards who direct them further along the corridor, they follow these instructions but upon noticing a double door they peek inside.

Discovering a large temple of some kind they discover a shaman and a large group of double headed snakes that immediately turned to watch them as they snuck inside the room.

Although the shaman doesn’t seem to notice them the snakes immediately turn to watch the new arrivals, and so they opt to walk away, and return to the instructions given by the guards.

Eventually following these instructions leads to a large guards barracks, a room full of beds, deciding against investigating the chests and crates in the room they instead opt to have some rest.

after a further few hours Gratzusk arrives and beckons everyone to follow him to the Throne Room. When they arrive it’s a very full room.

The overseer they’d met previously is sat on the Throne and the two small lizardfolk children are both standing behind her on the dias. Flanked by a group of shamans and bodyguards.

Queen Othokent welcomes them and in an obvious dig at the paladin thanks them for their generosity and kindness shown during their visit.

The group are invited to address her and Hobbes begins to explain their reason for being there, she confirms she I already aware they had been sent to confirm the reason why the lizard folk required the weapons as her people had overheard the conversation.

She goes on to explain their people were under thread from other creatures who were residing in the swamps and the weapons were for this purpose. She claims they mean the people of Saltmarsh no harm and were trying to form alliances with other water dwelling races to deal with the threat presented by the Sahuagin horde.

Sensing disbelief from Irminric and our group she made a gesture and groups of other races arrive in the room. The group are unfamiliar with these individuals so she introduces them as envoys from the Koalinth, Locathah and the Merfolk.

Each group make a brief introduction and confirm her story, eventually the party accept her position. It’s explained the Sahuagin are a threat to all of those in the region especially following the escape of Lord Aamlen, who it is known has been taken in by them following his escape from the Elves.

The party try to explore whether they can obtain more funds for the weapons they seized. However, Othokent doesn’t seem willing to negotiate, indeed she goes so far as to explain she knows the people of Saltmarsh agreed to honour their deal as her agents were not unable to understand the language of the common man.

There’s a little bluster from the group who consider the weapons to be ‘theirs’ but they eventually accept being many miles away from them, they are actually in the control of the town guard.

So they agree on behalf of the town that so long as the weapons were not to be used against the humans, the deal will be honoured and furthermore if the lizardfolk are in need of an alliance the people of Saltmarsh will support them, providing there is no aggression towards them.

Othokent accepts those offer, there’s a brief conversation about the creature that followed them to the caves, it’s suggested as likely to be a Troll, though they don’t usually come so close to their settlement. Eventually the group agree to take the news back to Saltmarsh immediately, opting not to stay the evening.

As the day is still bright they opt to head back out for Saltmarsh to pass on developments, Othokent sends Gratzusk with them as her envoy and they leave quickly.

Almost immediately they identify they are being followed, Gratzusk suggests they make as quick progress as possible but very quickly they find themselves under attack from two swamp trolls.

The lizardman does his best to hang back throwing spears whilst Hans and Irminric split up to attract the attention of a troll each.

Urko and Hobbes take advantage of their ranged attacks to weaken both Trolls but when the two creatures close with their friends they realise how strong the trolls. Irminric is almost knocked unconscious saved only by missy’s healing ability.

Urko manages to set one of the creatures on fire and between them they are able to put it down quickly. The second Troll lays in to Hans but the barbarian shrugs off the damage and when it tries to flee he manages to slow it down giving his allies the opportunity to round on it and finish the creature off.

As the mud settles the group are left to consider how to proceed without Gratzusk

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